About MCSF

During the first term of Superintendent Bill Hopkins, Jr., the Morgan County Schools Foundation was established in 2011 to promote academic excellence, character, and leadership development with our schools. Our mission statement is “Connecting with community partners and students to promote extraordinary leadership and academic excellence.”

The Foundation has promoted leadership training of faculty and students since its inception. The officers and board members establishing the Leadership Hall of Fame: Kerrick Whisenant-President, Lavern Foster-Vice President, Joseph Wynn-Treasurer, Richie Sparkman-Secretary, Tiffany Brightwell, Kimberly Dillard, Jeremy Nails, Anne Vest, Phil Waldrep, Bill Hopkins-ex officio, Patrick Patterson-ex-officio. “Leadership is the difference between a good idea and an effective reality. It is the characteristic that sets apart the exceptional from the day-to-day.

Leadership is character that embraces the truth and takes on the difficult. While it pleasures in politeness and often navigates politics, it does not subject itself to political correctness. The Morgan County community has been blessed with many of these individuals.” – Foundation President Kerrick Whisenant during the inaugural Leadership Hall of Fame ceremony.

Board of Directors

Jay Morris,

Amber Holeman,
Vice President 

Kim Dillard,

Kerrick Whisenant,
Past President 

Kayla Riggs,
Executive Director 

Bo Eubanks

Holly Reeves

Dane Hays

Magen Sparks 

Patrick Patterson,

The Morgan County Schools Foundations is a 501c3 non-profit organization that operates solely from the generous donations from individuals and businesses who share our desire to make our schools and students the best that they can be.

P. O. Box 5344, Decatur, AL 35601

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