Making a Difference 

Not every student begins in the same place.
Not every student finishes with the same results.

MCSF supports leadership at every level!

The Foundation is making a difference through several current active endeavors:

  • Providing leadership development curriculum.

  • Funding classroom and technology enhancement grants.

  • Offering scholarships for student leaders.

  • Operating the Morgan County Leadership Hall of Fame.

  • Partnering with sponsors to host Stuff the Bus.

  • Providing student career tech fees support.

  • Providing support to student organizations.

  • Providing classroom supplies reimbursement funds.

But there is still a lot left to do!

Here are a few of the things we must do to help our students achieve a quality education and for some to reach even farther toward their futures:

Leadership Training and “Soft Skills” - The Foundation of a successful career begins in elementary and middle school. Attendance, Teamwork, Appearance, Safety, and Communication (ATASK) are behavioral building blocks that will one day support the specific skills of a career. While these attributes were once consistently provided in the home, that is no longer the case. In order for our community to thrive, all students must have the opportunity to grasp the basics of leadership.

Technology Supplementation - In today’s fast-moving pace set by technology, it is important that our students have an experience in school that appropriately mimics their future workplaces. In order to have a one-to-one device to student ratio, funding for additional technology must be provided.

School Unification - Employers draw from all our communities. Therefore, it is important that all our schools work together as a system to develop students to have consistent skills they can reinvest with our community and employers.

Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders Today!

In order to make a real difference in the lives of all Morgan County Schools students and to impact our community, we need partners who share our vision. Will you join us?

The Morgan County Schools Foundations is a 501c3 non-profit organization that operates solely from the generous donations from individuals and businesses who share our desire to make our schools and students the best that they can be.

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